Ridgeview Pawcast – Episode #4 – African Folk Tales

FiddlenickskinEpisode 4 features an African folk tale “Fiddlenickskin, I Mean Thumplepigskin” written by Elijah  and read by Mrs. McLinden.  Students in 6th grade World Cultures classes researched African and used that information to set classic folk tales in Africa.

Fiddlenickskin, I Mean Thumplepigskin”

Career Day 2008

On April 17th students attended sessions on various careers.  This videocast features pictures of our presenters and interviews with students on what they learned.  We would like to offer a special thanks to those who took time out of their day to speak with our students.  We all learned new and interesting information.

Download the mp4 file here: Career Day 2008

Download Video: Posted by robiny at TeacherTube.com.